Gates Open: 3:30pm 

Gates Open: 11:30am 

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Racing Begins: 5pm 

Racing Begins: 1pm 

When Four Seasons first thought about bringing lawnmower racing to Sparta, MI, deciding on which charity to bring to light was an easy decision. Lawnmower racing had become an exciting and family orientated part of the Mikula family; and the Mikula Family had been closely affected by Huntington's Disease (HD).

The legacy of HD had its original start with Jim's dad, Lawrence. He was the first to be diagnosed in the immediate family. After his death, it became apparent that HD would continue its devastation to Lawrence and Helen's family. Of the nine birth children, seven would develop the hereditary disease. Five brothers and two sisters would become afflicted with the disease resulting in the death of all of them (Larry Jr., Joe, Bob, Carol, Nancy, William and Mark) The disease continues into the next (third) generation with a niece who has also passed away and a nephew who has been diagnosed.

So why combine the two? It's with great admiration to our other family (the racers) that we could do something to combat Huntington's Disease. The racers have come from all over the United States to do something they enjoy. Their enjoyment and passion has allowed Sparta, MI to become a national sanctioned event.

This event has allowed the Mikula's and Four Seasons to be able to send thousands of dollars towards Huntington's Disease Research which has been matched by corporate funds at the national level.
The Mikula Family & HD