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The foundation of one of the most affordable and exciting ways to enjoy the thrills and rush of lawn mower motorsport.

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Mower Racing’s Home Turf !

We invite everybody who is enthusiastic about Lawn Mower motorsport to attend and participate in the fun.


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The Machines

Of course, we work hard to keep our sport accessible, safe with our equipment, and affordable.

Speed Demons

Our kind of motorsport places a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and safety. Choose to accelerate the mower!

‘Mowdified’ Racers

Our thrilling racers all adore designing and competing with their lawnmowers for pleasure and the rush of moving quickly!

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The biggest Lawn Mower Racing club!

Join us if you want to try it out, learn more about it, or just want to come experience for yourself one of the more unique types of motorsports.

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Come see for yourself what we’re all about!

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Ride On Lawn Mower Racing Association

We want to grow into a professionally run, competitive, but most importantly enjoyable endeavor by becoming global.

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Miriam M. Benningfield

Everyone is devoted and concerned. Fantastic surroundings, and enjoyable to boot. It turns out that their dedication is interesting.

Paul S. Proctor

Their mower racing was really entertaining. All ages are drawn to the sport, which is typically played in a spirit of pleasure rather than intense competition.

Ruth S. Sanchez

I enjoy racing lawnmowers. Additionally, it may possibly be able to lessen stress and mental degeneration. There is a fundamental element of playfulness and enjoyment.