Lawnmower Racing

A Beginner’s Guide to Lawnmower Racing

A type of motorsport known as “lawn mower racing” involves using specially adapted lawnmowers for competition. The lawnmowers used are typically self-propelled or ride-on models. Lawn Mower engines are still present; however, the blades have been taken off for safety. Around the world, there are local and national organizations that host frequent racing meetings using ride-on lawnmowers as the mode of transportation. All ages are drawn to the activity, which is typically played in good fun rather than with intense competition, though many players do take it very seriously.


History of lawnmower racing

History of lawnmower racing

Participation in the sport is open to everyone. Even while this activity is more geared towards leisure than the competition, some athletes take it quite seriously. The sport was created in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s. Lawnmower racing was created by a group of young guys who wished to participate in any type of motorsport. The British Lawn Mower Racing Association was created by them. Every July 4th, the Twelve Mile 500 is a race that takes place in the United States. The Twelve Mile Club sponsors it, and it is held in Twelve Mile, Indiana. Beginning in 1963, this competition.

Getting started for lawnmower racing

First off, it’s advisable to check out a public event to see whether you believe participating in a lawnmower race would be worthwhile before you decide.

If you enjoy what you see, the next step is to join the LMRA by completing the necessary documents or signing up online.

After finishing, you’ll get a membership card, a manual, and a newsletter. Finding a mower, you want to race in requires reading the manual and selecting a race group. Next, make sure the mower has been road legal. Lawn mowers must be homologated in order to ensure that they comply with regulations and that all competitors are given an equal chance to succeed.

To follow the aforementioned procedure, you must contact the LMRA and set up a time and day for you to deliver the item to them for inspection.

You can remove the lawnmower and begin your build once it has been approved. A second inspection of the mower is also required before you may start racing.

Things required

You will also require the appropriate gear, a safety helmet, and goggles if you plan to use an outward facing Kevlar helmet, in addition to driving gloves. Of course, it would be a bit tough without the lawnmower.

If you don’t already have proper motocross apparel with additional elements of protective gear for enhanced safety, it’s definitely worth buying. In order to measure and record times during races, you will also have to buy or rent a tracker and a clip.

You’ll be prepared to compete in your very first lawnmower race once registration, equipment, and other checks have been completed. Check out How to build a racing lawn mower: the ultimate guide to learn how to construct your very own racer.

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